Elenora's assistant

Book Appearance Edit

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride

Kindle 191-210

The Professor Woos The Witch

The Witch's Halloween Hero

The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée

The Vampire's Accidental Wife


The Werewolf Meets His Match

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

The Werewolf's Christmas Wish

A Vampire's Valentine Surprise

The Shifter Romances The Writer

Miss Frost Ices The Imp

The Dragon Finds Forever

Quote Edit

The slight women had aged a little more than his grandmother but nothing that belied her almost three hundred years upon the earth. At best she looked to be in her late fifties. But then, keeping the years at bay was nothing for a witch powerful enough to create an amulet capable of shielding a vampire from the sun. She was also powerful enough that Didi had had no need to turn a woman into a rook to save her life. The Vampire's Mail Order Bride

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