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The Scottish brownie is definitely one of the kindest and most benevolent of the faeries. All brownies are helpful and industrious house spirits who attach themselves one to a family and emerge at night to perform any unfinished chores. They make themselves responsible for the farm or house in which they live, plowing, reaping, herding sheep, grinding grain, churning butter, cleaning the barn and house, running errands, and giving good advice when needed. Brownies also tend to become personally attached to one member of the family. When choosing a home, brownies look for individuals that they consider worthy of their services - those who are humble, polite, and kind and respectful towards nature and other people. They have been known to chase evil spirits out of their adopted homes, and may even make you a pair of shoes. They, however, have no tolerance for misers, cheats, liars, and those who are pretentious. Brownies are very intelligent. Their energy is a powerful boost to magick centered around protecting one’s home, family, and farm animals, as well as to prosperity magick. They will help you with any request they deem proper.

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  • Ramona
  • Valerie
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