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  • Running in his spare time or to think
  • Cole and Lila divorced since Kaley was nine and he got full custody Book 4 pg 5

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  • Lila Aquinos (ex-wife)

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  • Pandora Williams (wife)

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  • Kaley Van Zant (adoptive daughter)

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  • Jack Van Zant (father)
  • Ulysses (great-uncle)
  • Gertrude (great-aunt)
  • Corette Williams (mother in-law)
  • Batholomew Stanhill (father in-law)
  • Charisma Williams (sister in-law)
  • Marigold Williams (sister in-law)
  • Saffie Williams (niece)

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The Professor Woos The Witch Edit


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Novel 340 352 410

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Kindle 156

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

Novel 294

Miss Frost Ices the Imp Edit

Kindle 2068 2179

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