Biography Edit

Cooper is a Summer Elf of unknown social status. Little is know about where he grew up, his family and early life.

He met Jayne and Lark in college. After dating Jayne for some time their relationship was sabotage by their friend Lark who wanted to date Cooper.

Cooper later moved to Nocturne Falls and became a fire fighter where his innate ability to withstand heat helps with his job.

His friendship/relationship with Jayne resumed when she came to town under the alias of Lilbeth to investigate the disappearance of workers at the Nocturne Falls location of Santa's Workshop. He found out that Lilbeth was Jayne after the ring that cloaked her appearance as the Winter Princess shattered.

He is currently a competing love interest for Jayne along side town Vampire Greyson Garrett. Sadly Jayne picked neither of the men and found a new love interest.

Personality Edit

Cooper is very friendly and happy to help those in need.

Profession Edit

Cooper is a fire fighter employed by the Nocturne Falls Fire Department headed by Titus Merrow.

Species Edit

Summer Elf.

Ability Edit

  • Ability to withstand high heat.
  • Ability to produce a fire ball.

Family Information Edit

Past Relationships Edit

  • Jayne Frost (ex-girlfriend/in love with/friends)

Friendships Edit

  • Greyson Garrett(Friend/Enemy)

Book Appearance Edit

Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case Edit

Book 61-65 66 67 74? 84-90 91 110? 118-134 145? 158 168-188 279-291 301-310

Miss Frost Ices The Imp Edit

Kindle 71? 82 94-180 281? 544? 578-833 1163-1199 1211? 2021 2214-2340 1707-1820 2021 2237 2476? 2523-2581 2593? 2962

Miss Frost Saves The Sandman Edit

Kindle 187 333-344 581-810 844 1046 1069 1592 1603 1792-1900 2151 2162 2224-2280 2358? 2709-2779 2819-2841

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