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Elemental supernaturals are a rare type of super natural that associate to one type of super natural.

A creature beyond the definitions of winter or summer. One who could move space or time and harness the kind of magic that most ordinary elves couldn't. Father Time, Mother Nature, the Grim Reaper and Lady Luck are all Elementals.

Elementals can be difficult to work with and temperamental.

Known Elementals in the Nocturne Falls Universe are:

  • Santa Claus - Full Blooded Elemental - Power over Time & Space
  • Klara Frost nee Kringle - Full Blooded Elemental - Powers not significant
  • Tempus Sanders - Full Blooded Elementals - King of Dreams
  • Lucian - Reaper - Death
  • Luna Nix - Reaper - Death, Mistress of Nightmares
  • Jayne Frost - Elemental Bloodline through mother
  • Olive Pine - Elemental bloodline unknown - Powers unknown

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  • Jayne Frost
  • Lucian
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