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Turned Vampire 1665 Edit

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  • Wily-

skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully.

synonyms: shrewd, clever, sharp, sharp-witted, astute, canny, smart

Manipulate Edit

Blackmail- threatens her grandsons amulets to get what she wants

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The amulets were sacred. Necessary. They all wore them. The stone at the centre held an ancient magic that protected vampires from the sun. Without it, he would never see daylight again. Hugh talking about the amulets. The Vampire's Mail Order Bride.

Those amulets were a family secret shared only by his brothers, his grandmother and Alice Bishop. The Vampires's Mail Order Bride.


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The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Edit

Kindle Chapter 2, 862 930-992

The Witch's Halloween Hero Edit

Kindle 231? 267 334?      

Bake off mentioned 134 526 kindle

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Nickname Didi Lady Ellingham Edit

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  • Although in public, he and his brothers often called Didi as a bit of a tease for that reason. That, and she wasn't keen on them calling her Grandmamma in public. The Vampire's Mail Order Bride
  • "What I do know is men are simple creatures. They like to be complimented. To feel powerful. And, especially important, to feel useful." The Vampire's Mail Order Bride

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