Biography Edit

Married to Hank Merrow

Has a son name Charlie with

Ivy is expecting her second child, first child for Hank and is due early 2017

Species Edit

  • Werewolf

Ability Edit

  • Shift

Family Information Edit

Parents Edit

  • Clemens Kincaid (Father)
  • Patsy Kincaid (Mother)

Sibling(s) Edit

  • Sam Kincaid (Brother)
  • Unnamed Brother
  • Unnamed Brother

Past Relationship Edit

  • Eric Prescott

Current Relationship Edit

  • Hank Merrow (Married)

Children Edit

  • Charlie Merrow (Son with Prescott)
  • Hannah Rose Merrow (Daughter with Hank)

Relatives Edit

  • Grandfather †
  • Griffin Merrow (father in-law)
  • Belinda Merrow (mother in-law)
  • Bridget Merrow (sister in-law)
  • Titus Merrow (brother in-law)

Book Appearance Edit

The Werewolf Meets His Match Edit


Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case Edit

125 128

Book Mentions  Edit

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Edit

Book 22 23 85? 149

The Professor Woos The Witch Edit

Book 68 115 289?

The Werewolf's Christmas Wish Edit

Kindle 21 122 207 249? 356 388 423 434 516

A Vampire's Valentine Surprise Edit

Kindle 111

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

140 286?

Miss Frost Saves The Sandman Edit


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Family Tree Edit

Clemens Kincaid
Patsy Kincaid
Eric Prescott
Ivy Merrow
Hank Merrow
Sam Kincaid
Bridgett Merrow
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Son
Charlie Merrow
Hannah Merrow
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