Synopsis Edit

Lonely werewolf Dima Samarin looks forward to watching his favorite winter elf every morning at the Hallowed Bean. He rescues her unfinished novel from the perils of spilled cocoa, and becomes her hero. Elin Bergstrom’s day job is at Santa’s Workshop, but she secretly writes sci-fi novels on the side. She accepts Dima’s invitation to the Christmas Ball, but when their date gets derailed by a drug deal gone bad, this elf isn’t about to stay on her shelf. Sometimes a werewolf can use a little helpful frost magic to win the day, and save their date.

Characters appeared in order Edit

  • Dima Samain
  • Elin Bergstrom
  • Jayne Frost
  • Chet ?
  • Hank Merrow
  • Rodion Czernovitch

Characters Mention Edit

  • Carina Valdis
  • Willa Iscove
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