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Bit of a flirt

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  • Valerie Mabine (sister)

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The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Edit

Kindle 281, 295, 523, 551, 575, 581, 675, 683, 843, 852, 859, 1515, 1528, 1536, 1689, 1701, 1706, 1708

Numbers may not be right

The Vampire's Accidental Wife Edit

Ramona, along with other supernatural participated in a sanguim vocat (supernatural bloodlines) spell. A drop of blood from each recipient and state who you are and what supernatural. Ramona, fourth in line say "Ramona Mabine, and I'm a brownie." 3434

The Detective Wins the Witch Edit

Ramona was cleaning a glass top of a showcase when Marigold and Wyatt walk into Illusions before opening hours. Ramona was giving a approving look and caught Marigold watching her and grinned. "You go, girl." Marigold wanted to tell her she is but mite embarrassed Wyatt. 2017 2024

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The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Edit

Willa asked Ramona to mind the store, as she went to the back of the store to assist Hugh Elllingham.

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