Biography Edit

  • Awful, controlling, soul-crashing ex
  • Went to college with Delaney Ellingham nee James and rekindle on social media.
  • Delaney beg her bestie to move to Nocturne Falls after the divorced and to start a new beginning. It also be good for her writing.

Personality Edit

  • Sharp
  • Funny
  • Famous

Species Edit

Ability Edit

  • Panther shifter

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Past Relationships Edit

  • Thomas St James (divorced)

Relationship Edit

  • Alex Cruz (boyfriend)

Relatives Edit

  • Diego Cruz (brother in-law)
  • Magna Cruz (mother in-law)

Friendships Edit

  • Delaney Ellingham (best friend)


Book Appearance Edit

A Vampire's Valentine Surprise Edit

Roxy makes a surprise visit to Delaney whom didn't make a fuss telling her best friend she was coming because of all the worrying about the Bake Off. Roxy notices her friend is looking rather off and later on finds out she expecting a baby. Roxy meets Hugh for the first time and congrats them both on the baby news and Delaney winning at the Bake off.

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

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The Professor Woos The Witch Edit


Blood Moon Brotherhood Edit

46 86

Quotes Edit

Delaney: 'The women had made a name for herself writing paranormal romance novels.' This mite have to go with book page

Delaney: "You'll love it here. I promise. And with what you write, this town is perfect. C'mon, a town that celebrates Halloween three hundred and sixty-five days a year? What better place for a paranormal romance author to live?" This mite have to go with the book page

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