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Turned Vampire (1665)

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Parents Edit

  • Charles Ellingham (Father) †
  • Unnamed Mother †

Sibling(s) Edit

  • Hugh Ellingham (brother)
  • Julian Ellingham (brother)

Past Relationship Edit

  • Evangeline (Ex-wife)

Current Relationship Edit

  • Tessa Blyther (engaged)

Relatives Edit

  • George Ellingham (Grandfather) †
  • Elenora Ellingham (Grandmother)
  • Delaney Ellingham (Sister in-law)
  • George Ellingham (Nephew)
  • Desdemona Valentine (Sister in-law)

Book Appearance Edit

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Edit

Book 16 59 98 101-104 152? 172? 272 355-357

The Werewolf Meets His Match Edit

Book 283 297 299

The Professor Woos The Witch Edit

Book 349-353

The Witch's Halloween Hero Edit

kindle 334-357

The Vampire's Fake Fiancée Edit


The Vampires True Love Trails Edit


Book Mentioned Edit

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

Book 281

Miss Frost Saves The Sandman Edit

Kindle 648

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