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Aliens in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Aliens who visit Nocturne Falls: Edit

Bard Edit

Bards in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Clairsentience Edit

Clairsentience in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Clairvoyant Edit

Clairvoyant in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Fae Edit

Fae in Nocturne Falls: Edit

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Fortunetellers in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Fury Edit

Furies in Nocturne Falls: Edit

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Healers in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Immortal Edit

Immortals in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Miscellaneous Paranormal Edit

Tuatha Dé Danann in Nocturne Falls: Edit

Mermaids in Nocturne Falls Edit

Norse Soothsayer Edit

Norse Soothsayer in Nocturne Falls: Edit

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Cockatiel: Edit

Dogs: Edit

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Psychics in Nocturne Falls Edit

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Reapers in Nocturne Falls Edit

Reapers who visit Nocturne Falls Edit

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Rusalka Edit

Rusalka in Nocturne Falls Edit

Shape-Shifters Edit

Bear: Edit

Falcon: Edit

Feline Edit

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Raven Edit

Dragon Edit

  • Marshall Chadwick
  • Ivan Tsvetkov
  • Warrick Hart
  • Danila Smirnoff
  • Alazar Brandvold
  • Zareh Lutherone

Misc. Edit

  • Sam (sloth)

Sorcerer Edit

Vampires Edit

Vampires in Nocturne Falls Edit

Vampires who visit Nocturne Falls Edit

Rooks of Nocturne Falls Edit

  • Bartholomew Stanhill
  • Greaves

Warlock Edit

Warlocks in Nocturne Falls: Edit

  • Cedric

Warlocks who visit Nocturne Falls Edit

Necromancers Edit

  • Sinclair Crowe
  • Phoebe

Witches Edit

Witches in Nocturne Falls Edit

Elves Edit

Winter Elves Edit

Summer Elves Edit

"Normies" Edit

  • Natalie
  • Minx Marksman
  • Tim Johnson
  • Lance Grimes
  • Tami Bennet
  • Piper Hodge
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