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Genetics can be cruel. Ask half-elf, Ian Hunter. As if pointed ears and almond shaped eyes didn't set him apart, he's cursed with longevity. Shunned in the elf world, misunderstood by humans, and weary of watching friends age and die around him, he finally found acceptance in Nocturne Falls. Resigned to a solitary life, he never dreamed a woman, elf or human, would choose him as a mate. Until he meets a feisty falcon shifter. 

Wanderlust flows through Rachel Ortega's blood. The falcon shifter is itching to get back on the road, but she’s low on cash so she lands a temporary job in Nocturne Falls. She never expects to fall in love with the town or with a handsome half-elf. 

When Rachel's arrested on an anonymous tip that she's part of a smuggling ring, her only ally is Ian. He pledges to clear her name, but will a half-elf's promise be enough to restore her reputation and the town's trust? 

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