Rook Edit

A rook is an individual who was bitten by a Vampire two nights successively, and also drank the blood of the vampire on two nights successively. They have many of the enhanced physical abilities of vampires; however without the weakness to sun. A rook must maintain a close proximity to their sire otherwise both the rook and vampire experience extreme physical discomfort. Rooks act similar to a butler for their sires, and do tasks that the vampire can not do such as shopping in daylight.

Vampire Edit

Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can transform into sinister looking creatures with brilliant glowing eyes, and fangs.  They have enhanced physical abilities (sight, smell, taste, hearing, strength, speed, etc) and they are vulnerable to sunlight. Some Vampires have the ability to day walk due to use of spells created by Witches, or in Greyson Garret's case old Roma Magic. These spells take the shape of a amulet, or bracelet worn next to the skin at all times. Their fangs are retractable allowing them to appear human. Vampires must feed every 3 to 5 days to maintain their strength. Most do so by means of blood bags refraining from drinking directly from the source.

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