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Physical Characteristics Edit


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Sight
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Taste

Turning Process Edit

Consist over three consecutive nights

  1. Night One

No change occurs if a human swaps blood with a vampire one night. There is no change nor harm of becoming anything through this.

  1. Night Two Rook

After two consecutive nights of swapping blood with a vampire the human awakens a Rook. A rook gains all of the benefits of being a vampire without the negative effects such as UV sensitivity. A rook can not go far from their Vampire sire without both experiencing great discomfort..

  1. Night Three Vampire

After the third consecutive night of swapping blood with a vampire, if the individual survives turning they become a vampire.


  • Sunlight (except the Ellingham's & Greyson)

NF Character's Edit

  • Hugh Ellingham
  • Sebastian Ellingham
  • Julian Ellingham
  • Delaney Ellingham
  • Greyson Garrett
  • Nathaniel Newburg
  • Remy Lafitte
  • Cravens
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