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Humans or other beings who access the powers of pure thought in the supernatural world of magic through spells and potions.  This magic can be of good or evil; however evil intentions are punished through disciplinary hearings of the American Witches Council (AWC) who have the final say on all things witchy.  Their levels of power varying greatly depending on their knowledge and skill.

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Many witches have animal familiars which increase the effectiveness

Human Familiars:

A very select few become bonded with a human familiar (Shifter). Human Familiars are very rare and don't bond with just any witch.

Human Familiars once became seen a status symbol after it was revealed that the head of the ACW had one.

Many witches tried to forcibly bond human familiars against their will, through use of trickery or in extreme cases a spell using the hair, skin, fur or feathers of human familiars.

Most covens frowned on the act, and finally the ACW declared that any attempt to coerce a human familiar into a relationship against their will would be dealt with by a minimum of a five-year power nullification.

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Witches all have varying abilities to read auras. Some have a natural knack at reading auras such as Keley Van Zant.

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The ACW has final say in all things witchy.

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  • Alice Bishop
  • Corette Williams
  • Pandora Williams
  • Marigold Williams
  • Charisma Williams
  • Saffron Williams
  • Keley Van Zant
  • Lidia Reston
  • Agnes Millier
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